Inventory Of Those Coffee Machines Worth Buying

If you ask Hong Kong people what they like to drink, there are almost only two answers: tea and coffee. Coffee has become the main daily drink of Hong Kong people, and many people have also developed the habit of drinking coffee after coming to Hong Kong. Compared with buying coffee every time you go out, buying a coffee machine yourself can not only save a lot of money, but also enjoy the fun of brewing coffee. So today, let’s talk about the types of coffee maker machine and the most popular brands of coffee maker machine in Hong Kong!


Types Of Coffee Machines


Before buying a coffee machine, we need to briefly understand what types of coffee maker machine there are. Different coffee maker machine use different methods, and the taste of the coffee produced is also very different.


Capsule Coffee Machine – Capsule Coffee Machine

Capsule coffee machine is a new product that has emerged in recent years, but once it was launched, it occupied a large market and was widely praised. At present, coffee companies put various types of coffee powder, liquid milk, etc. into individually packaged capsules (the freshness is much better than the ground coffee powder in large packages). When using, just put the capsules in separately.

This coffee machine is quite easy to use, and can drink the quality of coffee from specialty coffee shops such as Starbucks, Costa, Cafe Nero. However, because the capsules are individually packaged, the cost is slightly higher. Some coffee lovers also call it “space food” and “space-time capsule”.


American Coffee Maker – Filter Coffee Maker

The first is the American-style coffee machine (Filter Coffee Maker), also known as the American-style drip pot. Although it is currently prevalent in North America, it was actually invented in Germany. Its structure is mainly divided into three parts: the sink, the filter container for the coffee powder, and the pot for the coffee.

As long as the ordinary American coffee machine is pressed, the machine will draw water from the sink, and after heating, the water will be directed to the filter container, which is very convenient and fast. More advanced ones can also set the time and coffee volume. The American-style coffee machine uses ground coffee powder. The coffee powder will indicate whether the American-style coffee machine can be used. You need to pay attention to it when you buy it.


Moka Pot – Moka Expresso Pot

The moka pot is a tool for extracting the base of espresso coffee. At first, it became popular in Italian households because of the convenience of coffee making operations. Later, it gradually developed into an Italian national product and sold to the world.

The structure of the moka pot is divided into upper, middle and lower layers. The bottom seat is a sink for water, the powder tank in the middle contains coffee powder, and the upper seat contains the extracted coffee liquid. Its principle is to heat the water in the lower pot into steam, and use the pressure of the steam to push the water to the duct into the powder tank to extract the coffee liquid, and then continue to push up through the duct to the upper pot to aggregate and flow out.

The coffee made by the moka pot is an espresso-style extraction that restores the strength and flavor of the original Italian coffee, Espresso. It should be noted that the coffee powder of the moka pot is sometimes different from the coffee powder of the American coffee machine, so you should pay attention to it when you buy it.


Espresso Machine – Espresso

This type of coffee machine is rarely used at home, except for some professional coffee lovers. It is actually a home version of the coffee machine used by Costa and Starbucks. Espresso contains more caffeine per volume than other coffee drinks, but because of its smaller serving volume, the total caffeine content is lower.

The espresso is brewed at high pressure for a short time, so that the taste is stronger than other brewing equipment. However, due to the short extraction time, the caffeine component is less. Espresso is often used as the base for coffee beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and mochas that incorporate other ingredients, such as milk or cocoa, without over-diluting the coffee ingredients.


Top 5 Coffee Machine Brands And Models Recommended


Nescafé Capsule Coffee Machine

First of all, if you haven’t tried a coffee machine before and just want to buy a cheap and affordable one, then this Nescafe coffee machine is for you. Nescafe is Nescafé’s entry-level coffee machine product line. This fully automatic capsule coffee machine is characterized by its affordable price, simple and practical, and very cute appearance, not to mention the quality.

It only takes 3 steps to make a delicious cup of coffee at the beginning. One milk foam can be said to be the savior of Lai cancer patients. The matching coffee capsules are also from Nestlé, so remember to buy a coffee companion at the same time, otherwise the taste will be too bitter. However, this coffee machine is only for beginners of coffee, and there is no special requirement for coffee taste.


Nespresso Capsule Coffee Machine

The following recommendation to everyone is the king of coffee machine sales – Nespresso. Nestlé’s Nespresso is the leader in home coffee. If you’ve started using Nestlé’s Nespresso to brew your own cup of coffee, congratulations, you’ve entered the initial stage of the coffee kingdom.

In the 1980s, with the popular slogan “It tastes great!”, the vast majority of Chinese people who seldom touch coffee first came into contact with coffee, and mistakenly believed that Nestle instant coffee was the best coffee in the world. . Time passed, and Nestlé finally found that instant coffee can only be part of cheap supermarkets forever, so it launched a new concept of coffee experience store similar to Apple Store, creating the image of luxury coffee, and the result was a great success.

Nespresso has become synonymous with the most fashionable coffee at the moment. A large number of celebrities and urban petty bourgeoisie have become its fans. Clooney’s famous advertising slogan “Nespresso, who do you want?” is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Among the Nespresso coffee machines, the most classic is the Nespresso automatic capsule coffee machine. This is the best value for money in entry-level coffee machines. There is no cumbersome hardware composition, just one button to start, a cup of fragrant, smooth and pure espresso is ready. It has the functions of automatic milk foaming and automatic cleaning. It uses Nespresso coffee capsules. One capsule is a cup of coffee.


De’Longhi Coffee Machine

De’Longhi is a small appliance brand founded in Italy in 1902, one of the most famous products is the Espresso espresso machine. De’Longhi coffee machine is one of the most cost-effective coffee machines. Whether it is an ordinary model or a high-end model, it can automatically adjust the water temperature and coffee concentration for you, ensuring that you can make a cup of coffee with a good taste.

The high-end models also have the function of grinding coffee beans without using ground coffee. The best selling coffee machine model in Hong Kong is the Delonghi EC685M semi-automatic coffee machine. Semi-automatic coffee machines are also called pump coffee maker machine. The key is to enjoy the fun of making coffee by hand. This coffee machine looks very beautiful, and it looks like a work of art when placed indoors. The operation is also very simple. The highlight is the automatic descaling function, cup heater, standby energy-saving mode, etc.


Sage Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Sage is a high-end kitchenware brand in Italy. It occupies a large market share in the field of high-end kitchenware in Europe and America. The workmanship and quality of their small household appliances are very good. And this is their best-selling espresso machine. It has an automatic grinding function and belongs to a semi-automatic coffee machine. It can fully satisfy coffee lovers and enjoy the fun of hand-made coffee.

There is an electronic display on the coffee machine, you can control the strength and temperature of the coffee by yourself, and completely customize the coffee. As for grinding technology, temperature control, high-pressure water pump, milk foam technology, etc., Sage’s workmanship is synonymous with reliability.


Italian Bialetti Espresso Maker

The above coffee maker machine can already satisfy the choice of coffee lovers, but if you are a top coffee maniac, in addition to choosing the above coffee maker machine, the most important thing you should have is the most traditional, classic and affordable coffee machine, which is the Italian one. Bialetti espresso maker.

Now it has become synonymous with Espresso coffee maker machine. When you go to any specialty coffee shop in Europe or Australia to buy coffee beans, the other party will ask you what coffee machine you use. If you answer “Espresso”, the only answer in the other party’s mind is “Bialetti”.

This coffee pot, designed in 1933, has always been a symbol of Italian coffee, and it is also the first time that Espresso has been brought into thousands of households from coffee shops. This coffee pot with the octahedral logo shape has a simple structure and can brew a cup of pure and fragrant Espresso for you in a few minutes. In addition, in order to cater for the different number of people drinking coffee, Bialetti also distributes coffee pots ranging from one cup to twelve cups. At the same time, they are also equipped with a special manual milk frother. Compared with the electric milk frother, many professional baristas prefer to choose this manual milk frother, which can produce very uniform milk froth.


How to Buy Coffee Beans/Coffee Capsules


Capsule Coffee

Capsule coffee has become more and more popular in recent years. The first thing everyone heard about is the Nespresso capsule coffee machine from Nestle. The pre-mixed coffee powder is all encapsulated in small capsules. When you drink it, throw one into the coffee machine, and you can make a cup of close to coffee. Shop-quality coffee. Now brands such as Bosch Bosch, Smeg, De’Longhi and other brands have also released capsule coffee machines. When buying a “capsule”, be sure to check whether it is suitable for your coffee machine model.


Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are the “initial state” of coffee. They need to be ground into powder and then brewed and filtered to become a cup of coffee with a strong aroma. The doorway of coffee beans is relatively deep, the “threshold” is higher, and the retained aroma is the most complete, suitable for “advanced players” who like to drink coffee and have research. Good coffee beans have very high requirements on the producing area, altitude and roasting degree; the more common producing areas are Mexico, Ethiopia, Colombia and so on.

Unlike tea, coffee is not suitable for long-term storage, and will quickly lose its original flavor due to oxidation. Even if you can ask the store to grind the coffee beans for you when you buy coffee beans in a professional coffee shop, it is better to grind them before brewing to better maintain the coffee aroma. If you want to buy coffee beans by yourself, Neck Length recommends that you try to buy coffee beans in professional coffee shops. The clerk who is familiar with coffee will not only introduce you to various coffee beans, choose the most suitable one for you, but also remind you that it is best to use two coffee beans. Use up coffee beans within a week. If you can’t find a coffee shop, you can also choose to buy it on some official websites of Amazon.


Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is like a “fast-food version of coffee”. Although it is inferior to freshly ground coffee in terms of freshness and taste reduction, it is very convenient to brew and has a longer storage time. Coupled with the manufacturers with big brains, instant coffee now incorporates a variety of new flavors, and the choice of flavors can be described as rich and colorful.


Coffee Powder

If you don’t have time to grind coffee beans yourself, or you are worried that your craftsmanship is not fine enough, you can also choose ground coffee. This coffee powder retains the aroma of the original coffee beans relatively intact, with a rich taste and distinct layers. The best coffee powder must be kept fresh, and it is best to drink it within a week or two after opening. Otherwise, after a long time, the coffee powder will be damp and deteriorate, and the taste will be greatly reduced.

The recommendation about the coffee machine is here~ Making coffee is also a profound art. I hope this article can help the family to point out the maze, and find the most suitable one for you in the vast sea of coffee maker machine.